Springfield, VA Newborn and Baby Photographer {William's Sitter Sessions}

I feel like many parents make a point to have professional newborn and first birthday pictures done but miss out on the great "sitter" stage. This is the BEST stage to photograph! Babies at this 6-9 month stage can sit up unassisted so we're not limited to supine posing or props for support, smiles are easily coaxed out of them and they generally aren't as wary of strangers, they are immobile (if we get them in before crawling) so we don't have to chase them around the studio or struggle to get them to sit still for pictures, and the sessions can be done much more quickly than a newborn session (30-45 minutes vs the 2-4 hours that a newborn session can take)! William is super active, was crawling early on and was walking before he was 9 months old so his non-mobile sitting stage was brief! His 6 months photos were the easiest by far! He's a nightmare to photograph now...I get my workout chasing him around the studio! The sitter stage is such a fleeting stage...one minute they're tiny newborns, the next they're crazy toddlers full of personality! When my son turned one two months ago, I found myself thinking, "I just had him YESTERDAY! What happened to all of the in-between?!" I'm so glad I was able to preserve this stage so I can look back and remember those chubby little thighs, toothless grins, and sparkling eyes!